School classes

Colonial Zurich (temporarily not available)

Guided tour in conjunction with the showcase exhibition “Patumbah is a place in Sumatra”, secondary level II
Traces of colonialism can be found locally, even though Switzerland itself was not a colonial power. Walking from Villa Patumbah to the Ethnographic Museum, we discover places with colonial ties and see buildings from a new perspective.

Duration: 2 hours


  • CHF 120. Plus reduced admission of CHF 2 per student.
  • The costs for school classes in the City of Zurich are covered by the city’s “Schulkultur” programme (Office of School Culture).
  • School classes in Canton Zurich can take advantage of a special offer from schule&kultur.
  • Free of charge for vocational and technical schools in Canton Zurich. This offer is being realised as part of the project “Sek II – Willkommen im Museum” (Secondary Level II – Welcome to the Museum) in Canton Zurich in cooperation with the Canton Zurich Department of Education.
    Sek II – Willkommen im Museum!