School classes

In distant worlds: tobacco, tigers, heat and homesickness

Workshop for the special exhibition “Patumbah is a place in Sumatra”, grades 5 and 6
Around 150 years ago, many Swiss travelled to Sumatra in search of work and economic prosperity. Carl Grob, the builder of the villa, was one of them. Back then, such a journey by ship was a major undertaking, and life on another continent was associated with many adventures but also numerous difficulties.
Why did these Swiss leave their homeland, how did they earn money in “Dutch India”, and what did this mean for their employees and the locals? The students put themselves in the role of different characters and create fictional interviews.

Duration: 1 ¾ hour
Costs: CHF 120. Plus reduced admission of CHF 2 per student.
The costs for school classes in the City of Zurich are covered by the city’s “Schulkultur” programme (Office of School Culture).