School classes

Patumbah: A villa with a colonial past

Workshop for the showcasel exhibition “Patumbah is a place in Sumatra”, secondary level I & II
Where did Carl F. Grob get the money to build the grandiose Villa Patumbah? After a short tour of the villa, we will explore the history leading up to the building, which will take us to the former colony of “Dutch India”. Using pictures, texts and videos, the students will immerse themselves in the plantation economy in Sumatra and learn how Swiss emigrants profited from the colonial structures of that era. The history of colonialism in foreign lands can thus be tangibly experienced through a building in Zurich. The workshop will also take a look at the challenges faced by Sumatra today.

Duration: 90 minutes


  • CHF 120. Plus reduced admission of CHF 2 per student.
  • The costs for school classes in the City of Zurich are covered by the city’s “Schulkultur” programme (Office of School Culture).
  • School classes in Canton Zurich can take advantage of a special offer from Schule+Kultur.
  • Free of charge for vocational and technical schools in Canton Zurich. This offer is being realised as part of the project “Sek II – Willkommen im Museum” (Secondary Level II – Welcome to the Museum) in Canton Zurich in cooperation with the Canton Zurich Department of Education.
    Sek II – Willkommen im Museum!