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We’re planning a neighbourhood

Workshop on spatial planning, 5th grade to upper school level
Why can’t you just build a house wherever you have the most scenic view? Why are there more and more buildings and fewer and fewer meadows? With the help of visual materials, short films and a walk in the Patumbah Park, students will examine changes in the landscape. Working in groups, they will act as planners and develop a new neighbourhood. Upon request the workshop can be combined with a short tour of the villa.
Afterwards the class can enjoy a packed picnic in the park.

Dates: all day Tuesday , WednesdayFriday in the morning

Duration: 2 hours (2 ½ hours with tour)


  • CHF 120 / CHF 140. Plus reduced admission of CHF 2 per student.
  • The costs for school classes in the City of Zurich are covered by the city’s “Schulkultur” programme (Office of School Culture).
  • School classes in Canton Zurich can take advantage of a special offer from Schule+Kultur.


Teaching material:
Follow-up in class