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Villa tour

First Sunday of every month, October to April
From Sumatra and the exotic scents of paradise – to dream house and demolition object. With the “eternal butler” Johann, we follow in the footsteps of the eventful history of Patumbah Park and its villa. Why does the house have this strange name? What’s the source of all this splendour and who lived here? “Johann” can tell us all about it, having been in the service of the villa since 1885. A theatre tour of the park and villa, including the 2nd floor with the Asian gallery, for young and old from approx. 6 years.

Costs in addition to admission: adults CHF 10, children CHF 5
Duration: 1 hour 

Language: Swiss German
Text: Simon Ledermann, direction: Roger Pfyl, acting: Peter Hottinger or Jürg Plüss, props: Bernadette Meier

Please note: limited number of places. Registration required by 5pm the day before. Telephone enquiries for remaining tickets possible from 12 noon on the day of the event. Tickets are available at the box office until 1:45pm.